About Lionfish

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About Lionfish

Lionfish brings the taste of sustainable seafood and local organic fare to the bustling Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. Well-known San Diego hotspot is quickly becoming a Delray staple. Lionfish provides fresh-catch cuisine, grass-fed meats and local, seasonal ingredients in an approachable, casual setting.

Lionfish, which has been recognized twice as a James Beard Foundation Smart Catch Leader, brings a sea-to-table approach to dishes, letting the freshness of the fish shine through the simplistic, yet perfectly seasoned cuisine. While serving more than just mouth-watering food, Lionfish is also doing its part to help save the ocean’s ecosystem by serving its namesake Lionfish, a species that is ravaging the ocean, particularly the Caribbean, by devouring fellow sea life and damaging coral reefs. The rare, delicious white flaky fish will be served in a multitude of ways, including whole fried and as the centerpiece of a citrus-infused ceviche. Every Lionfish removed from the ocean helps preserve future generations of other fish.

The menu is further complemented by light, fresh appetizers and an array of small, sharable plates. The Lionfish kitchen takes a similar, socially-conscious approach to the farm-to-table cuisine, relying heavily on farm fresh vegetables and grains to perfect dishes. Our work with locally sourced ingredients and regional purveyors is evident with every bite. In addition to the contemporary cooking, Lionfish also offers an innovative beverage menu of time-honored classics, an all-encompassing wine list and local craft beers. In addition, Lionfish bartenders will flawlessly concoct cutting-edge cocktails, such as the bourbon-based Barracuda, the Atlantic Buzz made with tequila, fresh citrus and herbs, or the shareable Fugu Delray.

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